Heart Church


Rowan has a heart to establish and minister in a small church or chapel within the grounds of the Sanctuary, away from the main building. Its watchwords would be simplicity and integrity. This will be a place where people can come and just be with God, to participate in traditional prayers, and enjoy the natural materials and surroundings. Rowan is an affiliate of the Iona Community, and so his faith is grounded very much within Celtic Christianity, the flavour of which you will see running through our ministry.

Rowan’s passion is for the genuine, for the simple, for the sacred for the true. And Heart Church is a place where those things will be honoured, along with Rowan’s other loves of music and poetry. He feels a church building should be centred around the altar. He hopes that there will be many others whose souls resonate with this vision.


Photograph from Buda Castle, Budapest, on Pixabay