We would love for Lakelight to become a place of community. Really by this we mean a place where likeminded people or kindred spirits can connect in ways that work for them. Worship in the Sanctuary Church, communion in Heart Church, learning together about prayer, making art together or sharing it, communing with nature in the grounds or with the rescue animals, becoming anam cara, soul friends.

To begin with, since the net is our only premises, we have set up a Facebook page for Christian creatives called Lakelight Artisans, which already has 70 members. It is a closed group so you will need to ask to join. We hope this will lead to deep friendships and the encouraging of writers, artists, craftsmen and women, photographers, musicians, dancers (and basically anyone who does anything creative) to work both together and individually for the glory of God.

We want to help build people up in these fields which are often soul-destroyingly hard to live out authentically in our capitalist culture. We want to value people and their creations for better reasons than monetary worth. The group is for anyone creative, even if you “only” doodle or sing in a local choir. We welcome professionals and amateurs alike, and are there to help one another grow.