Between the Waters

Little girl prayer 3

Although Keren is a very creative person, her main passion is prayer. Everything that she does creatively has its roots somewhere in her deep relationship with the Living, Triune God, and it is this which is the core of her life. She longs to teach what she knows about every aspect of prayer, especially mysticism and contemplation, and hopes to run courses for small groups online and later at the Sanctuary, her health permitting. For now, she will share pieces here, and hopes they will be of help to you if you are seeking to go deeper into God.

Keren has added further information about contemplative and mystic prayer in general, as she believes it will be undergoing a period of resurgence in the Body of Christ.   This section is called “Between the Waters” because that is often how it feels in this state of prayer, that you are a messenger, like a dragonfly, hovering between heaven and earth, bringing God’s goodness down as it is gifted to you to share, or to treasure in your heart.


Artwork © Keren Dibbens-Wyatt, photo from Pixabay