Lakelight is a charitable foundation being set up and run by married Christian couple Rowan Wyatt and Keren Dibbens-Wyatt.  Rowan is a poet and musician, Keren a contemplative, writer and artist.

It is a place on the web for those who need space to breathe, recuperate and regroup, for those who need to find pasture and refuge in their spiritual lives.  Lakelight is primarily a sanctuary for world weary Christians. We offer you a place of peace, quiet and the restitution found in nature, art and prayer.  We hope one day the Lord will grant us a real life sanctuary to provide this ministry, but for now we freely offer our resources here.

What’s Next?

We like to do things a little differently here at Lakelight. Both suffering with chronic illness, we have learned that God is rarely in a rush, and we live and work for him within a more relaxed frame of mind than most organisations. We have learned the value of savouring stillness and calm, and taking our time over things which matter. So, yes, there is a large vision here, and lots to be done, but we believe God wants it done well, and so content will appear on this site slowly but surely. Also, if you subscribe to our newsletter, you will only receive one when we have something to tell you! We don’t believe in inundating you with emails.

Another thing that we want to be different about Lakelight is our attitude to funding. We are not interested in money, except as a means to an end. We do need help with a few costs, and we do know that if this Sanctuary is to become a reality, someone will need to give the foundation a lot of land and a lot of funding. But we want to be totally honest and open about that.

At the present time, we have not yet set up the foundation in any concrete sense, this is our next job! This is why there is no “donate” button just yet. To be transparent, we can tell you that we are living in social housing and we have just enough to pay for food and clothing and pay the bills, and we are very, very grateful (having gone through a long stage where there was not enough to do that) and we are very happy keeping our living needs simple and grounded. We have a deep respect for the Franciscan way of living.   Our attitude is that if God wants this to happen, he will make it happen.

Whilst some things we do will be ways of funding Lakelight, there will not be any tree shaking going on here. Whilst online only, any donations will go towards webhosting and software, with any surplus put aside towards building this vision for real. Ambition just isn’t our thing. We are here to serve.